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Nicholas Navarre Services

Tree Removal 

Services Offered

Tree Removal

24 hr Emergency  Work


Bush Trimming

Safe removal and disposal of unwanted, hazardous, or dead trees of any size.

On-call emergency work, such as removal of fallen trees or any other immediate landscaping needs.

Complete cleanup of overgrown and neglected areas, including removing weeds, trees, vines, branches, and debris.

Trimming of overgrown bushes and hedges.


All Access Equipment 

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Nicholas Navarre grew up in Augusta, GA and began his landscaping career in 2010 at the age of 12, when he put an ad in his neighborhood newspaper, looking for clients who needed yard work done.

Now, Nicholas Navarre Services is one of the top tree companies in Augusta, offering premiere tree removal, cleanups, and stump grinding  for both commercial and residential clients. Nicholas prides himself on his skilled workforce, top of the line equipment, and serious attention to detail.

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